Re-new University

Empowering YOU as the Expert in Your Health and Wellness

With Re-new University, you will learn how to understand your hormones and how to master your hormones and metabolic health through nutrition, learn about new and innovative treatments in hormone health, regenerative medicine, aesthetics, peptides, and more. Re-new University is for anyone that wants to expand their knowledge on ways to positively impact their own health as well as offer exceptional, safe care to their patients.


Meet Your Instructors

Melissa Loseke

Physician Instructor

Dr. Loseke is an innovator in medicine and a dedicated physician specializing in anti-aging and regenerative medicine, peptide therapy, cellular repair and optimization, sports medicine, tissue, and joint repair. She is widely considered an expert on women’s and men’s hormonal health, sexual health, aesthetics, and overall wellness.

Lauryn Mohr

Functional Nutrition Practitioner

Lauryn is a passionate leader at the forefront of nutritional sciences, focusing on using nutrition to optimize and support hormonal balance. With education at the core of her coaching methods, she empowers her clients to understand their physiology and make confident nutrition and lifestyle choices that support metabolic health from the inside out.